Newport Girls' High School


Additional Premium Funding

Pupil Premium

At Newport Girls’ High School:

  • We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all pupils.
  • We ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils who belong to vulnerable groups; this includes ensuring that the needs of socially disadvantaged pupils are adequately assessed and met.

As with every pupil in our care, a pupil who is considered to be ‘socially disadvantaged’ is valued, respected and entitled to develop to her full potential, irrespective of disadvantage.

In making provision for socially disadvantaged pupils, we recognise that not all pupils who receive FSM will be socially disadvantaged.  We also recognise that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for FSM.  We reserve the right to allocate the Pupil Premium funding to support any pupil, or groups of pupils, the school has legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged.


In 2020-21, NGHS received £29,570 in Pupil Premium funding in Pupil Premium, Service Premium and Looked-after Children Grants. The school is reviewing its use of these funds. The current aims are to support:

  • intervention and support strategies - individual or small group activities specifically designed to improve learning in order for pupils to reach their potential;
  • curriculum trips and curriculum enrichment activities to provide equal access to the curriculum in its broadest sense eg. field trips for geography, art or history; theatre trips for English; recommended revision materials and other resources and materials;
  • extra-curricular and cross-curricular activities that are a regular part of school life, including Curriculum Enrichment Week;
  • support with the costs associated with participation in:
    the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme                    or
    individual musical instrument hire and tuition        or
    fees associated with additional sporting activities organised by the school eg. fencing or judo;
  • support with costs associated with transport to school;
  • support with the cost of school uniform.

We write to/email all parents to inform them of the criteria for FSM.  We assure parents that all matters regarding use of the Pupil Premium and Service Premium are treated with discretion and in confidence.

Please find below a copy of the impact that Pupil Premium funding has had on results in the academic years 2017-20 in each year group.

The next Pupil Premium strategy review will be held in September 2022.

Catch-Up Covid 19 Premium

The school will receive £34,400 in Catch Up Premium this year and intends to spend the money in accordance with the plan shown below.

Summer School 2021

The school ran a Summer School in August 2021 for incoming Year 7 pupils. The funding was provided solely by the DFE and amounted to a potential total of £35,820. A claim for £29,100.41 was submitted to the DFE in September 2021.

The aims of the summer school were to ease transition, to offer tuition in some new curriculum areas, to provide a nurturing and welcoming environment for our new students and to close some gaps in practical subjects, which we understand from local schools were restricted during the pandemic.  Approximately 100 students/120 potential students attended each day.

Sessions in Geography, Performing Arts, German, Mathematics, STEM, Forensics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, PSHE and PE were timetabled for the week. The success of the summer school can be seen from this news article.

The cost breakdown of the summer school can be found below.

Staffing  £     10,945.41
Resources  £     12,540.00
Stationery  £           150.00
Hygiene Supplies  £           210.00
Grounds / Services  £       1,155.00
Transport  £       1,400.00
Catering  £       2,600.00
Printing  £           100.00