Newport Girls' High School

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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

SENDCO         Mrs A Benoit (currently on maternity leave)
                              Mrs G Roycroft (Acting SENDCo)

The Special Educational Needs code of practice ensures that the special educational needs of all students are identified, assessed and provision made to meet such needs.  The curriculum, teaching methodology and extra-curricular provision are all devised with the aim of providing pupils with a learning environment that allows each to extend herself to her full capacity.

Teachers in all subject areas plan and use differentiated materials in order to help individuals learn.  It is our aim that all pupils will receive excellent teaching and therefore will make progress as a result. If this is not enough to help your child to make progress, any additional support needed is classed as special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) provision.

SEND provision can take many different forms and will be tailored to suit the needs of your child.  Examples include;

  • Different materials
  • Special equipment
  • Additional training for staff
  • Individual or small group support from external agencies

The school works closely with parents and monitors pupils carefully to ensure that SEND provision meets the needs of pupils. Please find below our SEND report which details the progress made by SEND students at NGHS in 2020-21.