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School Performance 2021

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GCSE Data 2021

There were 83 students taking GCSEs in 2021.

Progress 8 Score (based upon 2019 scoring system)  +1.34
Attainment 8 Score 79.8 
% A*-A or 9-7 Grades 86%
% of students achieving a strong pass(5+) in English and Maths 100% 
% of students entered for English Baccalaureate 100% 
% achieving English Baccalaureate (from entries) 100% 
English Baccalaureate Average Points Score 7.84 
% Achieving 5 GCSEs (Grades 9-5) 100% 
Remaining in full time education for at least 2 terms beyond Y11 100% 

A-level Performance Data

Please use this link to access the Government's Performance Data website. 

In 2021, 74 candidates sat 3 or 4 A-levels at NGHS. The average grade was A- with an academic points score of 48.9. The school achieved progress figures of about 0.5 of a grade higher than expectation. Given the high starting points of students in our Sixth Form (their high GCSE results) this is very pleasing. 

In 2021, 40% of A-level grades were A* and 85% were graded A*-B.

Students who remained at NGHS from Year 11, and those who had Free School Meals all achieved particularly positive L3VA scores.

Retention rate in sixth form in 2019 = 99%. 100% of students left NGHS to move onto higher education, training or employment.

Particular highlights from our 2021 A-level results include:

  • Every student in Art and in Product Design secured an A* grade
  • In German and in Music, a clean sweep of A* and A grades was achieved
  • In English, 72% of candidates secured grades A*-B
  • In Physics, half the cohort achieved A*s
  • In Computing, half the grades were A* and 100% secured A*-B
  • In Geography, every candidate achieved A*-B with almost half securing A*
  • In Chemistry, almost a third of grades were A*
  • In Philosophy, every candidate achieved A*-B
  • In Biology, 81% of candidates achieved A*-B
  • In French, every candidate secured A*-B
  • In History, almost half the grades awarded were A*
  • In Further Maths, 70% of candidates secured an A* grad
  • In Economics, all students achieved A*-C with 80% at A*-B
  • In Psychology, 96% of students achieved A*-B