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Sixth Form Drama Production

6 January 2024

Sixth Form Drama 

Production: ‘Be My Baby’

In December, our Year 12 and 13 Drama & Theatre Studies students staged a tremendous production of 'Be My Baby' in our drama studio. Below is an account of the production by Laura T who is in Year 13:

When I was cast as Dolores, and rehearsals began, I immediately became excited by the prospect of performing a show especially, ‘Be My Baby.’ Amanda Whittington’s play focuses on the 1960’s setting of women pregnant, giving birth away from home to preserve their reputations as women in society.

The play approaches this idea using comedic value and therefore all cast members worked hard to provide both to the audience. An audience member proclaimed, ‘a moving but simultaneously comedic play,’ all cast members adopted Konstantin Stanislavski’s techniques to provide an animated performance.

When all the set arrived and the lighting had been designed, it all felt very real and the nerves kicked in, we filled the drama studio with tiered seating and an excited atmosphere and the play started. One key moment was the use of sheets as props, as all characters consistently got tired of hanging sheets on the line, that the character Queenie threw a sheet onto Dolores.

Overall, all actors found the performance a great approach to our academic study of the play and found the performance a success. 

Laura (Y13 Drama Student)