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Japanese Club at NGHS

11 December 2023


Kyoto Urban Prefecture - The location of our Partner School in Japan

Our KS4 club started this year as part of our new partnership with Kyotango high school in Kyoto prefecture, Japan. We regularly film video clips to exchange between schools where students can ask and answer questions in English and Japanese to get to know what life is like for their peers on the other side of the world. Below is a link to the town of Kyotango:


Practising chopstick skills with Gyoza Dumplings at Japanese Club!

Japanese Club (KS3 and KS4) Every Monday, our Japanese Club turns the Hall into a cultural and fun haven to learn about Japan. Many children come to explore Japanese traditions, from learning how to use chopsticks to discovering their many different customs. The sessions are lively with fun talks and activities and allows everyone to experience the charm of Japanese culture. Mrs Fujii fosters a deeper appreciation for the rich heritage that extends beyond language and cuisine. It's like a special journey that brings people together in the friendly club atmosphere. I am enjoying my time in this club, enriching my personal knowledge of Japan, and discovering their many traditions. Not knowing any Japanese before to being able to introduce myself in a short span of time is an impressive progression thanks to Mrs Fujii. I look forward to this club every Monday. Sayonara!                   

Griselle F (7S)