Newport Girls' High School

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Pastoral Team

Students at NGHS are well cared for by a dedicated pastoral support team.

Their primary needs are met on a daily basis by the form tutor, but a Head of Year also monitors progress and is there to offer support when required. Our Pastoral Administrator also supports the Heads of Year and oversees the medical/first aid provision on site. The pastoral team make it a priority to get to know students individually and to support with academic progress and provide emotional support when required. This begins during transitional visits at students’ primary schools and a handover of information occurs when a student moves on to a new Head of Year.

The Year 7 students are integrated into life at NGHS with the help of Year 8s. Settling into a new school can often be a worry, but we do all we can to alleviate any concerns during our induction day and in the first few weeks in September.

Heads of Year

Our Heads of Year are:

Year 7 Mrs H Goodall
Year 8 Ms J Capaldi
Year 9 Mrs A Chapman
Year 10  Mrs A Seys
Year 11 Mrs S Tomkinson
Years 12 & 13 Mrs K Griffin