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Early Help for Families

Early Help means providing support as soon as a concern emerges, at any point of a child’s life, from Year 7 through to Year 13 in order to improve outcomes for children and their families. As a school we work hard to identify any concerns so that we can act quickly and give our students the best chances of success. Early Help can take many forms and may involve working with a range of staff, including:

  • Your child’s tutor or Head of Year
  • Mrs Benoit (SENCO) and Mrs Arsalan (SEND assistant)
  • Our well-being officers, Mrs Danby and Ms Heyes
  • A member of the safeguarding team

Alongside this, we work with external agencies to provide more targeted supported when it is needed. If a family is identified as requiring a greater level of support, we may work with you to complete an Early Help Assessment. This process helps identify specific areas of need and involves everyone working together to address these. Mrs Danby has completed additional training in this area within school.

Should you have a concern about your child and feel that some support is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us through or by calling Reception.