Newport Girls' High School



For our students to gain the greatest benefit from education it is essential that they attend school regularly and punctually.

They should only be absent from school when it is absolutely necessary. Good attendance is one of the keys to success. In acknowledgement of this, attendance and punctuality is regularly reviewed and reported on, with students being rewarded for achieving 100% attendance and punctuality during a year. In addition, forms with the greatest number of students achieving our in-school target of 97% attendance will receive rewards.

The Attendance Policy can be found on our Policies page.

Register of Attendance

All students are required to register with their form tutor twice daily: at 8.50am and at 1.35pm. Registers are also taken by teachers during each lesson. If a student does not register or sign in late, and a reason for their absence has not been provided, then they will be recorded as being absent without authorisation and an explanation for this absence will be requested. We may contact parents of any student who is absent without our knowledge.

Signing In and Out

Students must sign in and out at Reception if they need to be out of school for any reason between 9.15am and 3.45pm. In order to ensure that the register is correct, it is essential that all students sign in if they arrive after 9.15am or if for any reason they were unable to register with their form tutor that morning.

Illness and Student Absence Line

Parents should inform the school, as soon as possible on the first day of absence, but before 9.10am if a student will be absent due to illness. This should be done by contacting a member of the office staff on 01952 797550.

Medical and Dental Appointments

If a student has a pre-arranged medical or dental appointment, a parental letter must be handed to the form tutor or the office before the appointment. Alternatively, an email may be sent to from the email address registered to the school by the parent/carer. Wherever possible, please try to schedule appointments outside the school day.

If a student’s attendance falls below 90% they are defined by the Department of Education as ‘persistently absent’. At this level their progress and development may be significantly impaired. The case may be referred to the Education Social Worker who will contact the family and offer to visit them at home to address any concerns and offer support.

Please also refer to the information supplied by Telford & Wrekin Council.