Newport Girls' High School

B8I9735 v2

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

The RPE department aims to develop an understanding of different world views and the responses they have made to questions about existence and morality.

In KS3, the focus is on beliefs about the purpose of life, how these beliefs are demonstrated and the influence they have on behaviour and choices; throughout, students are encouraged to reflect on their own beliefs and values. Students have one lesson a week in Year 7 and explore the beliefs of Hinduism and Islam through a range of activities including problem solving, creative thinking tasks, independent research, group work and class discussion. In KS4 (which begins in Year 9), students continue with this subject and the Eduqas examination board is followed, students explore: issues of relationships, equality, gender prejudice and discrimination; beliefs about the origins and value of the universe and life; attitudes towards the environment; attitudes towards euthanasia and abortion and beliefs about life after death. The world views of Christianity, Buddhism, humanism, atheism and science are explored. Typically around 87% of students achieve Grades A*- A. In the Sixth Form, the department delivers the A-level course with the AQA examination board. Results are very good with approximately 70% of students attaining Grades A*- B in recent years.

Students are supported through individual support and additional revision sessions. After studying A-level Religious Studies, students have regularly progressed to read philosophy, religion, ethics (or a combination of) and law at university.

Learning Overviews can be downloaded below.