Newport Girls' High School



In Politics we aim to ensure that all students develop a thorough understanding of the society in which we live. Politics is relevant to almost every aspect of the world around us, from our rights and responsibilities, to the power of the state and our ability to choose those in authority.

We follow the new exciting Edexcel specification. Over the two years students will study in detail the politics of both the USA and UK. It is not a static subject, for although ideas and concepts may remain broadly the same, the way they are applied to the world is ever changing. The way we may evaluate referendums for example, may be different to how people viewed them only a few years ago.

In addition we study of a range of ideological traditions; conservatism, socialism and liberalism as well as a focus on feminism. Students are able to explore how each of these key ideologies have developed over time, and how they are all so relevant to the life we lead.

Students taking this course are expected to research widely, analyse evidence and reach balanced conclusions. Students also need an enquiring mind, a passion for current affairs, be willing to engage with debates and have an ability to reason and think independently.

Students taking this option have gone on to study a wide variety of subjects including Politics, Economics, Business, History, International Relations and Law at University. It also combines well with all other A level subjects.  The study of Politics helps to develop the type of analytical mind, ability to synthesise information and excellent communication skills that are a prerequisite for a wide range of career paths.  Students in this subject have gone on to careers in Law, Finance, General Management including in the Fashion sector, Journalism, Politics and International relations.