Newport Girls' High School

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Design & Technology

The Design and Technology department aims to give all pupils the chance to become confident independent learners; thriving on the process of solving problems to design and make products of high quality whilst developing and enriching their knowledge and understanding of design and market influences, materials, components, processes and manufacturing.

In KS3, our focus is on the design process and industrial techniques including the use of CAD/CAM to manufacture high quality products. Students have 1 lesson a week in Year 7 and 8 where the focus is on one-off and batch produced products. Pupils are encouraged to analyse, research and respond innovatively to design briefs whilst focusing on the intended market. Collaboration is a key element in year 8, requiring students to work as part of a team. Students also have the opportunity to design a 3D computer generated virtual architectural building and animate a walk through.

In KS4 (which beings in Year 9), students continue with this subject and the AQA examination board is followed which combines practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and that meet human needs. Typically 100% of students achieve Grades A*-A (7-9). In the Sixth Form, the department delivers the A-level course with the AQA examination board. Results are excellent with typically 100% of students attaining Grades A*-B in recent years.

Outside of lessons, students have the opportunity to take part/lead in extracurricular activities during lunch times.  Annually, we also invite applications from Year 11 to enter the Arkwright Scholarship Trust application process with the aim to take up engineering or technological careers by awarding Scholarships during 'A' Level which are funded by industry partners and charitable trusts. We have had many students in recent years that have been successful in gaining a scholarship.

Students are supported through various means, building professional relationships getting to know the individual and their learning requirements. High expectations, professional trust and working together is deeply embedded within the Design and Technology department. After studying A-level Product Design, students have regularly progressed to Aeronautical, Mechanical, Civil and Architectural Engineering sectors. Industrial and Product Design are also a popular choices for students at university. Students in recent years have also attained High Level Apprenticeships where the company has supported the student financially to the completion of their degree and a guaranteed post on accomplishment within the company.