Newport Girls' High School


GCSE Options

GCSE courses begin in Year 9 at NGHS and all students study:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Separate Sciences)
  • Religious Education

Students then choose FOUR additional options, which are timetabled to meet as many student preferences as possible. These choices must include at least one language, at least one humanity subject and at least one practical subject. This ensures a breadth of study throughout Year 9. The options can be chosen from:



Practical Subjects







Design & Technology


At the end of Year 9, students personalise their learning by focusing on THREE of their additional choices instead of FOUR. This balances their emotional wellbeing whilst focusing on their strengths throughout their GCSE courses. Students are strongly encouraged to continue with a Language and Humanity subject to achieve the EBACC. About 90% of students undertake this programme.

Advice and guidance is provided at all times to ensure that students make the most appropriate choices. Parents are consulted and the Lower School Head Girl Team runs an options event to enable older students to counsel younger peers about the choices they have made.

There is little setting according to ability at GCSE. Setting only occurs in Mathematics.

Students complete ten GCSE qualifications at NGHS.