Newport Girls' High School


Examination Info


 Year 13 Mock Timetable:


Thursday 17th January

Friday 18th


Monday 21st January

Tuesday 22nd January

Wednesday 23rd January

Thursday 24th January


Session 1

09.00 – 11.00

Chemistry P1

Politics P1


Psychology P1

Biology P1


Chemistry P2

Politics P2

Economics P1

French P2

German P2

Psychology P2


Session 2

11.30 -1.00

RE (Ethics) P1

FMathematics P2

FMathematics P2


RE (Phil) P2

English P2

Physics 2

Year 10 RE









Session 3

1.30 – 4.00

English P1

Physics P1

French P1

History P1

Mathematics P1

Geography P1


Biology P2

German P1

History P2

Maths P2

Geography P2

Politics P3

2018 GCSE and A Level Examination Certificates are now available for collection during school hours. 

There is also a large number of GCSE and A Level certificates dating from 2015 onwards, please contact Mrs Wallace if you have not collected your certificates as they will be sent back to the exam boards at the end of the academic year.