Newport Girls' High School

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Newport Girls’ High School operates a house system, with students organised into one of three houses on entrance to the school in Year 7. Every student wears a pin badge with pride, denoting the colour of their house on their blazer. The main aims of the house system are to:

  • Provide all students with a sense of belonging within the school community
  • Give all students the opportunity to partake in fun and exciting activities and competitions outside of the classroom
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students
  • Encourage students to take both individual and collective responsibility for the success of their house

The Houses

The Houses at Newport Girls' High School are named after three strong and influential women from history who have made a significant and long-lasting contribution to society. (Please click on the links at the bottom of this webpage to find out more about each House).

House Competitions

Throughout the year, students are able to compete in various house competitions. There is a wide variety of competitions and hopefully this will play to the strengths of all students at the school. There is at least one house competition every half term and all students must compete in at least one of these competitions. This academic year we have the following house competitions:

  • House Bake Off
  • House Noticeboard
  • House Quiz
  • House Music
  • House Dance
  • House Art/Photographic
  • House Board Games
  • House Drama

There will also be a number of smaller house competitions that will be run during form times, as well as being completed in students’ own time.

In addition, every student must also compete in various house sports competitions within PE and games lessons and also in at least one event during Sports Day in the Summer.

Each House also competes for the House Point Cup at the end of each term and most importantly at the end of each academic year. Students can contribute to their House’s success by earning House Points within lessons for their effort and achievement. Additionally, they can earn House Points outside of lessons by contributing to the wider life of the school at school events or school run clubs and showing their commitment to the school in general.

House Charities

The Houses also work extremely hard to raise funds throughout the year for the charities that are selected by the students in each house every year. Every opportunity to raise awareness of the charity itself and its message is seized, this is deemed just as important as raising funds to support the chosen charities.

This year’s house charities will be selected midway through the Autumn term and information will be provided accordingly.