Newport Girls' High School

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Being a member of NGHS6 provides students with a wealth of opportunities designed to enrich their experience whilst completing their A Level studies.

Year 12 students complete a bespoke programme of lessons and activities during timetabled enrichment sessions. Initially, these focus on supporting the academic step-up from GCSE to A-Level and provide students with the skills to ensure they are fully organised and can manage their time effectively, whilst also taking care of their mental and physical health. The programme is then tailored to cover issues such as financial management, responsible driving, and mental health, sport and wellbeing. Towards the end of Year 12, these sessions are used to prepare students for the Extended Project Qualification in the form of taught sessions on academic writing, research and referencing, enabling students to successfully complete this in Year 13.

Enrichment opportunities for our Sixth Form students are also plentiful outside of the classroom. In the Autumn Term of Year 12, we organise an extremely popular social and cultural trip to Liverpool, which helps build a well- integrated, friendly Sixth Form community whilst also encouraging independence and personal responsibility. Alongside this, many subject areas will offer trips either as key elements of the courses (such as field trips in Biology and Geography) or as opportunities to further the learning and wider interests of students in these areas. Visits to universities to hear guest speakers and attendance at online lectures allows students to fully develop their understanding and also prepare them for life beyond NGHS6, whilst opportunities to visit the theatre, museums or galleries build their passion for the subject beyond the classroom.

On a daily basis, Sixth Form students have the opportunity to take part in our extensive extra-curricular programme. Whether they wish to access further academic support or pursue an interest such as animation, sign language, or sport, there are plentiful opportunities to do so. Sixth form students are also integral to the success of our enrichment provision for lower years, with many students leading their own clubs under the supervision of staff, to develop their leadership skills and share their interest with others. This has resulted in other students enjoying activities such as learning the ukulele, learning new dance moves, and practising their chess skills during their lunch hour!

Our Sixth Form students are also integral to the success of our House System, bringing their competitive nature to ensure their house partakes in each activity organised. They are often role models for the rest of the school and help support the family atmosphere we are so proud of here at NGHS.