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Transport to School

We are thrilled to be working with Lakeside Coaches to provide home-to-school transport for NGHS students.

Following a parent consultation, we launched two routes in September 2022, with the aspiration to expand the routes as student numbers grow. From September 2023 we now have THREE routes.

Our current routes serve Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Ironbridge, Lawley, Randlay, Priorslee, St Georges, Codsall, Albrighton, Shifnal, Donnington, Wellington, Admaston, Shawbirch and Leegomery. 

An important aspect of coach travel is safeguarding. Our students are not issued with traditional bus passes. Rather they use QR codes, either printed or on their phones, which enables parents to check to ensure they are safely on board, that the coach has arrived on time and allows the school to review who has travelled each day and whether they should have arrived at school safely. This is real peace of mind and an important part of our safeguarding culture at NGHS.

In addition to this important safety aspect, we will have strict controls around coach boarding at the end of the day to ensure students board the correct coach, safely, on Wellington Road.

If you have any questions about the coach service, please contact Mrs Aldridge in the Finance Office via

Our (current) 2023-2024 Routes 

  • Route S (originating in Shrewsbury)
    Morning Afternoon

    07.05 Harlescott Lidl, Shrewsbury

    07.25 Beacon Pub, Shrewsbury

    07.32  Anchorage Avenue (opp. Co-op/Greggs)

    07.55 Wellingotn, Cock Hotel Mill Bank

    07.58 Wellington- Morrisons

    08.01  Admaston – Hope Church

    08.04  Shawbirch Road (rear of Woolpack)

    08.10  Leegomery (Apley Wood Primary)


    Arr. 08.35  NGHS

    Depart NGHS at 15.50


    16.10 Leegomery (Apley Wood Shops- Greggs/Spar)

    16.17 Shawbirch Road (rear of The Woolpack)

    16.20 Admaston – Hope Church

    16.23 Wellington Morrisons

    16.30 Wellington – Cock Hotel Mill Bank

    16.55 Anchorage Avenue (opp. Co-op/Greggs)

    17.05 Beacon Pub – Shrewsbury

    17.25 Harlescott Lidl - Shrewsbury

  • Route W (originating in Wolverhampton)
    Morning Afternoon

    07.35  Tettenhall Green                              

    07.40  Claregate                                          

    07.45  Codsall  (Council Offices)                    

    07.54  Kingswood (Holyhead Rd)               

    08.00  Albrighton (The Crown)                   

    08.10  Shifnal (Jaspers)                               


    08.20  Donnington (Clock Tower)              


    Arr. 08.35  NGHS

    Depart NGHS at 15.57


    16.10  Donnington (Clock Tower)              

    16.42  Shifnal (Jaspers)                               

    16.50  Albrighton (The Crown)                   

    16.55  Kingswood (Holyhead Rd)          

    17.00  Codsall  (Council Offices)                      

    17.05  Claregate                                        

    17.15  Tettenhall Green         
  • Route T (Telford area)
    Morning Afternoon

    07.30 Woodside Mound Way

    07.37 Ironbridge, Wharfage

    07.47 Lawley, Grazing Cow

    07.50 Malinslee - King Street

    07.55 Southall Road - Aqueduct

    08.00 Randlay - Boulton Grange

    08.10 Priorslee Powell Road

    08.12 Priorslee, Ainsdale Drive

    08.15 St Georges


    Arr. 08.30  NGHS

    Depart NGHS at 16.05


    16.30 St Georges

    16.33 Priorslee, Ainsdale Drive

    16.35 Priorslee, Powell Road

    16.45 Randlay

    16.50 Southall Road

    16.55 Malinslee

    16.58 Lawley

    17.05 Ironbridge

    17.12 Woodside Mount Way