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Y7 Admissions

September 2025 Entry

Last year we were pleased to announce a collaboration between Midlands based selective schools.

This new partnership, known as ‘West Midlands Grammar Schools’, incorporates all Birmingham, Shropshire, Walsall, Warwickshire, and Wolverhampton grammar schools. 

From September 2024 entry there will be one test for all children, reducing stress for candidates and ultimately supporting children’s well-being and positive mental health.

This one selective school entrance test will take place across the West Midlands Grammar School partnership within an agreed testing window Saturday 14th September - Monday 16th September 2024. With parental consent, candidates’ tests scores can be shared between all schools within the partnership. There will be no need for any child to sit multiple tests over different weekends.

Dates and key processes have been aligned and all applications will be directed to one centralised application portal, opening at 9:00am on 7th May 2024. Parents will be asked to enter their home postcode and their child’s gender and will then be directed to the relevant website to register their child for the entrance test. Children will be tested at their local test centre and will be eligible to apply for any of the schools in the group. There will no longer be a need to sit tests at every school of interest. Following the notification of test scores in October, the parents will be able to list their schools of interest on the Local Authority Preference Form.

Results will be released throughout the West Midlands Grammar Schools’ partnership using an age-weighted standardisation around an average score of 200.

The West Midlands Grammar Schools’ partnership will provide a much-improved entrance test process for all children.  We thank you for your continued support, understanding and interest in our schools. 

SCHOOLS INCLUDED in the West Midlands Grammar School Partnership include: Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, King Edward VI Aston School, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, King Edward VI Five Ways School, King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls, King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys, Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, Queen Mary's High School, Queen Mary's Grammar School, Newport Girls’ High School, Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, Haberdashers Adams, King Edward VI School Stratford, Lawrence Sherriff School, Stratford Girls Grammar School, Rugby High School and Alcester Grammar School.


Year 7 Entry in September 2025

There are 120 places available for September 2025. We recommend all parents who are considering applying to NGHS read our Admissions Policy

In line with our Admissions Policy, up to 15 of these places are reserved for pupils for whom their primary school receives Pupil Premium Funding.

The previous Catchment Area still applies to NGHS's admissions policy.

Entrance Test

For further information about the Entrance Test, and to register, please visit our Entrance Test page.

Catchment Area

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