Newport Girls' High School


In Year Transfers

If you would like your daughter to be considered for a place in Year 7, 8, 9 or 10, should one become available, you need to complete a supplementary information form which can be found in the link table below. You should also make an in-year transfer application via Telford and Wrekin Council's Schools Admission website.

Within 15 days of receiving your Supplementary Information Form, we will contact you to advise whether there is a place available in the relevant year group. If there is a place available, we will arrange for candidates to sit the in-year admissions test if they have not already done so. If no place is available, we will advise you when the next in-year admissions test will be.

Following an in-year admissions test, any available place(s) will be offered to the candidate(s) who best meets the oversubscription criteria set out in our Admissions Policy. Candidates who met the minimum standard for entry, but who are not offered a place at this stage will be eligible to join our waiting list. Candidates who do not met the minimum standard for entry will not be eligible to join the waiting list. Candidates may only sit the in-year admissions test once.

To remain on the waiting list, parents will need to contact the school each September.

Candidates who are offered a place would be expected to take up the place immediately.

We have been advised by our Local Authority that all students must be resident in the UK before they can take up a place.