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Admissions FAQs

Parents often have questions for us about the application and admissions arrangements at NGHS. To help you, we have put together a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which you can find below.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to email to enquire.


  • Is NGHS a fee-paying school?

    Newport Girls' High School is a state-funded academy for girls. We are a selective grammar school for girls aged 11-18 years. There is no charge related to the admission of a pupil and no fees are charged. The School has offered a free education to girls for just over 100 years.

  • Is there a catchment area for NGHS?

    Yes, there is a priority area noted in our Admissions policy. Students who reside within this area are considered ahead of any out of area candidates. Please see here for more information (map opens in a new window).

  • Which authority is NGHS located within?

    NGHS is found within the Telford & Wrekin local authority area.  If you live at a property in this area, you should apply to T&W by 31 October each year. If you live within a different authority area, you should make your admission application to your home area Local Authority (to which you pay Council Tax), regardless of which school/s you are placing as a preference choice. This is called the Local Authority Preference CAF1 Form.

    If you would like to express a preference for NGHS, you will need to list the school as a choice on the Local Authority Preference CAF1 Form for your child's Home, Local Authority. Your daughter will also have to sit the Consortium Entrance Test. You should click here to register your daughter for the test.

  • Is the school expanding?

    NGHS has been successful in winning a bid for expansion from Central Government. From September 2021, there will be 120 students admitted. There will be up to 15 places awarded to students on Pupil Premium.  Our Admissions Policy can be found here.

  • Do you have school buses?

    From September 2022, NGHS will be running coach services from Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton, these services will also cover parts of Telford along their routes. Further information is available from the school.

    Currently, families who live in Market Drayton can apply for a place on a bus organised by Haberdashers' Adams, but only if places exist.

    Other students use public buses and some parents arrange shared taxis/minibuses. If you live out of area, the school is always happy to share your details with other parents to facilitate arranging shared travel to school. Some Public Service Buses stop outside/near to the school, students travelling from Stafford and Telford areas use bus route 5 and students who live between Newport and Shrewsbury use the 519 service.

  • Is your entrance test the same as other schools locally?

    The Consortium of Grammar Schools in Shropshire, Walsall and Wolverhampton was established in order to ease the process of admission applications for parents who are considering the option of a grammar school education for their child. Within this Consortium are: Haberdashers’ Adams Grammar School, Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Queen Mary’s High School, Newport Girls’ High School and Wolverhampton Girls’ High School. Your daughter will only need to take one entrance test for consideration by all girls' schools within the Consortium.

  • Where can I find your Admissions Policy?

    Please see this web page for our Admissions Policy

  • Do you have any Open Days?

    Our Open Days for September 2023 entry were held in May 2022. There will be more Open Days next academic year. In the meantime, you can visit our Virtual Open Evening by clicking on the banner below.

  • How do I register for the test?

    The deadline for online registrations for the Entrance Test for September 2023 entry is 4pm on Thursday 7 July. 

    The online registration portal can be accessed here: GSHA Girls (

  • Where will my daughter sit the test?

    When you submit your application for the test, you will be asked to select your preferred test centre. If you want your daughter to sit the test at NGHS, you must select NGHS in this section. 

    As well as the preferred test centre, you will also be able to choose any other schools of interest. For girls, this will be Newport Girls' High School, Wolverhampton Girls' High School or Queen Mary's High School, Walsall. Any schools you select as schools of interest will be informed of your daughter's result.

  • When is the Entrance Test?

    The Entrance Test for September 2023 entry will be held at NGHS on Monday 26 September. Full details of the arrangements for the test will be sent to parent/carers by 19 September. 

  • My daughter has Special Educational Needs. Can her needs be met in the Test?

    This should be clearly indicated on the on-line, test Registration Form and a Special Arrangements Form will be available for your to download and complete. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer/guardian to ensure this form is completed and returned to the school by the online test registration deadline. If there are any issues accessing, completing or returning the form, please contact your preferred test centre.

    The completed form should be returned to the school, accompanied by copies of all supporting information and medical reports by the deadline given.

    Please submit this information as soon as possible to the testing venue. Early submission of the request for Special Arrangements will help ensure an independent assessment and the necessary arrangements can be made to make your daughter as comfortable as possible during the testing session. An early submission of paperwork also allows parents/carers/guardians to be advised of the arrangements that we have put in place prior to testing day.

  • What happens if my daughter is ill on the Test Day?

    You should telephone the school to inform us of your daughter’s absence and obtain a Doctor’s note with details/date of the illness. Following receipt of the Doctor’s note, the reasons for non-attendance will be considered carefully and if possible, an alternative testing date will be arranged.

    Please note that the Consortium will not re-arrange the testing date for candidates who are engaged in pre-planned activities, such as school trips.

  • What content is in the Entrance Test?

    All girls will sit two standardised tests consisting of Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning.  Normally, each test paper is 45-60 minutes in length. 

    A Familiarisation guide is available to all candidates here.

  • Should I employ a Tutor?

    We would strongly advise against this. Students who are doing well in Year 5 at primary school should find the tests accessible and the content is based around the Year 5 National Curriculum. Girls may be anxious taking the test and months (or years) of tutoring will not necessarily be beneficial in the long run. Parents should consider the balance between obtaining a place with tutor support and then struggling with the pace of learning against using the test as a decider.

  • What is the pass mark?

    There is no set pass mark. Test marks vary each year. The standardised test scores are ranked, taking all aspects of the Admissions Policy into account. Places are then awarded by Telford & Wrekin Authority according to demand in line with the Policy.

  • How soon after the Test will I get the test results?

    The Test is timed to enable parents to make an informed choice ahead of the 31 October application deadline for school places. Information about the outcome of the Test will be sent approximately 4 weeks after the Test has been completed.

  • When will actual places be confirmed?

    Online, secondary school allocations will be emailed on National Offer Day to parents/carers/guardians (start of March each year). Secondary school allocation letters for those who applied on a paper form will be posted on National Offer Day via second class postage. Decision information giving your daughter’s allocated secondary school place will be sent directly to parents/carers/guardians by your Home, Local Authority, School Admissions Office.

    NGHS will be advised on National Offer Day of those girls who have been allocated to us.

  • Can I have some 'past papers' for my daughter to practise using?

    No, previous test papers are not available online. Please use our Familiarisation Guide ahead of the Entrance Test to find out more about the layout/style of the papers.

  • Do I still need to apply to T&W Authority when my daughter has met the standard for entry?

    Yes. You will  still need to complete this form and send it back to your Local Authority by their
    deadline. It is important to note, that if Newport Girls’ High School is not included on CAF1, your daughter will not be considered when places are allocated, even if she has set the Entrance Test.

  • What proportion of in-area girls are awarded places?

    This varies from year to year dependent upon the results of the girls who have taken the test and the qualifying score. In the past three years, this has ranged from between one quarter and one third of the cohort.

    With the expansion to 120 girls joining NGHS in September 2021, the number of in-area girls remains quite similar at just over one third of the cohort.

  • What happens if we move house?

    Parents should contact the school as soon as possible once a house moved has been completed. If you have moved in to our catchment area, proof of address will be required before we are able to update any rankings.