Newport Girls' High School

A1054 v2

Admissions Policy

Please find below the School's admissions policies for entry in 2021, 2020 and 2019.

Variation Request

An official admissions policy variation request was forwarded to the West Midlands Regional Schools Commissioner in August 2020 concerning the date for the Entrance Test which is listed in our Admissions Policy (Entry 2021). The Regional Schools Commissioner, acting on behalf of the Secretary of State, agreed to the change proposed by the school as a major change in circumstances.

The RSC has approved the test date be moved to Saturday 3 October 2020, but also noted in his commentary that:

In the event of a further lockdown preventing the test taking place on this date, the school should post the revised test date on the school’s website as soon as it is known.

We will do this as necessary, but we are working to the date of 3 October at the current time.

Mr M J Scott