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What's NGHS6 really like?

LaurenLauren joined NGHS from another school.

Before my first day at NGHS I had a lot of worries that integrating and making new friends would be one of the more difficult parts about joining a new school.  However, it has been quite the opposite. 

The girls who were here in Year 11 and the NGHS teachers have been extremely welcoming and supportive throughout the integration process, organising activities for the team building on the first day, planning integrated forms and especially our recent trip to Liverpool. 

After being at the school for about a week I was already amazed at the amount of clubs and events that students are encouraged to take part in and how valued the opinions of the students are. 

Despite the fact that A Levels are significantly harder than GCSEs, the lessons are really interesting and stimulating, and there is a lot more support for when you are unsure on something and free periods to work in throughout the week which are extremely helpful. 

Sixth Form has been quite different to what I expected it would be, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month here and would highly recommend NGHS to anyone.

EleniEleni remained at NGHS after Year 11

Even though I was a former student at Newport Girls’, I have found that life in the Sixth Form has positively introduced me to a whole new aspect of school life.  Within the first week, the cleverly structured integration activities have helped me open up to a range of new people, therefore helping me to make new friends.  The Liverpool trip was also a great way to spend more time getting to know the new students.

I have also really benefited from the number of study periods as it means I can fit more work in at home.  The number of study rooms available are also really beneficial as there are areas where people can discuss homework or studies with each other.  This further extenuates the atmosphere of our family community, as most pupils are willing to help each other if you are finding something difficult, as are the teachers.

In contrast to Year 11, the workload has increased, however, I am finding it manageable due to tips and organisation skills enforced in my enrichment lessons.  To anyone considering NGHS6, I would undoubtedly recommend it as I can’t express how excited I feel to continue my Sixth Form journey here.