Newport Girls' High School


Campaign FAQs

  • Why is the campaign called Primed for Success?

    We wanted to choose a name which reflects the school's ongoing investment in ever-popular STEM subjects. The new building will house four maths classrooms and the figure we need to raise (£75 347) is itself a prime number. The suggested monthly donation amounts are also prime numbers (in pence) in keeping with the campaign theme.

  • Is it true the school does not have kitchens?

    Yes. Since the school opened in 1920, we have relied on the delivery of food cooked in a neighbouring school, which has severely limited the food offer to our students. The new dining room and kitchens will be light and spacious and the range of freshly-prepared food on site will massively improve both the quantity and quality of the menu. We also hope to introduce a separate sandwich and salad bar to further boost the variety of choice to students and staff.

  • How is the new building being financed?

    The Headteacher, Mr Scott, and the governing body put together a bid to the government's Selective Schools Expansion Fund in 2019. In all, six schools were selected nationally and NGHS was awarded £2.3m for this project. The cost of the new building construction will be funded in part by this fund and the remainder will be paid through a long-term loan.

    Classroom furniture and equipment is not included and we must raise £75 347 to ensure that we do not have empty rooms when the building opens. This is why our campaign has been launched.

  • Do parents have to contribute?

    Collectively we can all make a significant difference to the education and facilities at NGHS.

    Whilst donations cannot be compulsory, we have been mindful of varying incomes (particularly at the present time) and have offered a range of suggested donation amounts each month for twelve months. If all parents gave, on average, £12 a month for twelve months, we would just meet our target. Some parents may not be in a position to do this and they would be encouraged to donate their time to support a fundraising event during 2020-2021.

    If more money is raised, there is a question concerning this below.

  • What level of contributions are you looking for?

    There are a number of ways to contribute:

    • Parents, Alumane or Friends of the school could give a monthly donation. We have set these amounts as prime numbers (to be quirky and fit in with our campaign) as well as linking each to a similarly priced item as a comparison. A monthly direct debit should be set up and details are available here.

    PRIME Monthly Donation for 12 months

    Rough cost equivalence Donation with Gift Aid
    £7.51 2 Costa coffees £9.39
    £10.09 2 magazines £12.61
    £15.11 A take-away £18.89
    £20.03 A trip to the cinema £25.04
    £30.01 A pair of jeans £37.51
    £50.03 A month's gym pass £62.54
    £75.07 A meal out with family £93.84
    £99.73 A family food shop £124.66
    • A one off donation can be sent to the school directly (cheque payable to Newport Girls' High School). The address is:
      Primed For Success Campaign, Newport Girls' High School, Wellington Road, Newport, TF10 7HL
    • An one-off online donation can be made to our Givey fundraising page
  • What is GiftAid?

    If you are a UK taxpayer, you can give permission for us to claim an additional 25p for every £1 you donate. This will not cost you any extra. 

    When you make a donation to the campaign, please visit the website form on the fundraising page to notify us of your permission to claim gift aid. You can also access this link here. We will need your address and postcode to account for your Gift Aid generosity, but we will not contact you by post. Your data will also be kept securely by the school. Thank you.

  • What happens if more money is raised?

    In the event that more than £75 347 is raised, the school will not use this to pay off the loan, rather to provide more opportunities for students where the maximum benefit can be seen. This could be in investing in new or improved equipment in practical subjects, new resources for lessons or a higher spec of furniture and design. Our accounts are transparent and we always strive to provide the best resources possible for our students.

  • When will the building be open?

    We hope that the new building will be opened in early December 2021 with students making use of the Dining Room from January 2022. The building work is due to start on 4 January 2021.

  • What is the timescale for donations?

    We would ask for donations to be made each month from December 2020 to December 2021. Any one-off larger donations can be made at any point during the campaign, but earlier would be appreciated so we can monitor how much additional fundraising we may need to do.

  • Will there be disruption during the build?

    Inevitably, yes. In order to improve facilities such as toilets, there will have to be alternative toilet facilities and two mobile classrooms for much of the build period. With any steelwork construction, rooms will have to be closed and students will have to observe any health and safety arrangements in place at the time. The new building is in the centre of the school and this presents a complex system of room closures and no-go areas for students. Safeguarding and Health & Safety will be the top priority for all staff at NGHS and the school's leadership team will work closely with the contractors and architect team to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. This will be particularly the case during any internal / external examination time.

  • Are you a registered charity?

    Yes. The campaign is being organised by the Friends of Newport Girls' High School Academy Trust. 

    The charity number is 1001292 and the charity is registered in the UK.