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What is FWAMS?

In 2020, the Department for Education (DFE) announced the launch of the Flexible Working Ambassador School programme. The aim was to recruit 8 flexible working ambassador schools across England. Each school should work with and on behalf of the DFE to:

  • improving the policies, practice and culture around flexible working by providing peer support for headteachers within local and other networks
  • increasing the likelihood of flexible working requests being accepted by providing support networks, and guidance directly to teachers who want to access flexible working opportunities
  • inviting school leaders and teachers to training and events to improve the perception of flexible working
  • increasing the use of DfE’s support package by encouraging schools to use the materials alongside the support that flexible working ambassador schools offer.

General information about flexible working in schools can be found here.

Information about the FWAMS programme can be found on this DFE webpage.

In 2020, the DFE published a report about flexible working. NGHS contributed to this report in market research. It can be found here.

NGHS was delighted to be granted one of the eight national commissions for this work. With a large number of part-time staff and a very considerate approach to exhausting every opportunity to support colleagues to work flexibly as well as an outstanding Ofsted report from 2019 which recognised and commended our approach, we are keen to share our story with schools across the Midlands as well as helping on a practical level to build a Flexible Working Charter for schools to adopt.

"Leaders and governors are alert to any potential risks to teachers’ work life balance. The well-being charter encourages staff to find ways to look after their own mental and physical health."  (NGHS Ofsted Report 2019)

Would you like to be a part of our mission and journey? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch.