Newport Girls' High School

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Our Approach

NGHS has been chosen to represent the West Midlands in the FWAS programme owing to our open and caring approach to flexible working. At NGHS around one third of staff are part time and yet outcomes for students are among the highest in the country. Staff absence rates are very low indeed and retention rates are high with a turnover of around 1-2 staff per year, usually retirements.

Our growing reputation and published Staff Wellbeing Charter make us a school of choice for prospective employees. Recent appointments have been preceded by significant numbers of applications in spite of our semi-rural setting:

  • Deputy Headteacher (35 applications)
  • Teacher of Art (45 applications)
  • Teacher of Drama (38 applications)
  • Teacher of Maths (14 applications) - the last appointment in 2018 yielded 3 applications.

Many of these positions previously attracted 5-6 applications per post.

Below are a few case studies where NGHS has managed to offer flexible working to our employees.