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Testing information

Before reading the information below, we recommend that staff, students and parents/carers first watch the video to find out how testing works at NGHS.


We need consent to process a test for each individual:

  • For students in Years 7-11, this will be parental consent
  • For students in Years 12-13, this will be an individual student's consent (but we expect students to discuss testing with parents/carers first)
  • For staff, this will be individual consent.

Withdrawing Consent

It is important to note that individuals can withdraw consent themselves during the Test if they do not wish to proceed. This includes where parents have given consent for Year 7-11 pupils.

Not wanting to be tested

If you do not wish your child to be tested (or you are a sixth former who does not wish to be tested) we ask that you register using the links below but then choose the NO CONSENT option. This allows us to keep our records up to date.

Test Outcomes

As the video states, we will only contact those who receive a positive Lateral Flow Device Test result (or anyone whose test is invalid and needs to retake the Test.) If you do not hear from us within an hour, it should be assumed that your result was negative.

Privacy Notice

By giving consent, you are also allowing us to store the test result in school  and acknowledging that we will upload the result to a national Department for Health database. 

A privacy notice can be found here.

Any Questions

If you have any questions about the testing process at NGHS, please do not hesitate to contact us by using this link.

ACTION REQUIRED - Register now!

Before we can process a test on your/your child's behalf, you must register to give consent. We are using a third-party database system, used by the NHS, for this purpose. You must first create an account on this website and then give consent for the Test. It is only a requirement to complete fields which have an asterisk(*). We do not require you to complete fields such as NHS Number & Doctors' details. Use the buttons below to sign up.

A help guide for these portals can be found here.