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The First Term of Year 7

At the end of the autumn term, we asked some Year 7 students to review their time at NGHS so far and how they had settled in....

It has been a fun first term at NGHS! The best thing is that I have made lots of new friends, like Bryony, Olivia and Sophie. I knew some people before I came to the school, but none of them were in my form or class. However, this helped me gain more confidence to make new friends. We did lots of activities to help us get to know each other, for example the ‘ice-breaker’ sessions in form time. On the Edgmond Hall trip we took part in many fun challenges like building dens, problem solving in teams and nature-inspired art; the groups were regularly mixed up which was a great way to get to talk to new people.

There are lots of clubs to join. I play netball and I am excited to be going on the netball residential trip to PGL this year.

In our lessons we get the chance to do topics that I have never done before, this has helped me to discover areas that interest me, like in the 3 sciences. It is also fun to do experiments!

I was a little worried about how much homework I would get, because I didn’t get much at my old school. However, I was given a planner and we had some PSHE lessons to give us guidance on how to use our time: this really helped.

I am excited to start the second term and see what new things it brings…

Cordie, 7S