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Work Experience

NGHS is proud to offer a week-long work experience programme for our year 10 students. Work experience is an opportunity for students to gain a broad experience of the world of work, to develop skills, to find out about a particular job or role and to get a feel for a job sector, before committing to employment or courses in higher education.

The programme is launched in the September of year 10 and takes place during Curriculum Enrichment Week, which is usually at the end of June. Students organise their placements independently and Mrs Gill oversees the process.

Parents and carers need to complete a consent form (using PDF letter below).

Students need to complete the placement details form

In addition, the school has established a strong relationship with the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust and in year 12 we invite students who are interested in volunteering with the Trust for 6 months to apply for this opportunity. Once the scheme has been launched each year, you can apply here