Newport Girls' High School


Careers Strategy

The careers programme at NGHS is based on fulfilling the requirements of the Gatsby Benchmarks (GB) which define a world-class standard of excellent careers guidance through eight defined standards.

The aim of the strategy is to ensure that all learners have access to the information, opportunities and skills development required for their next steps into higher education, technical education or the world of work.  The strategy applies the Gatsby Benchmarks at its heart to ensure compliance with nationally accepted standards in Careers Information and Guidance (CIAG).

NGHS aims to establish the following:

  • Up to date, independent, careers information which ensures effective signposting for all students at all stages of their development and decision making
  • Up to date information which ensures effective signposting and decision making at two important gateways – post 16 and post 18.
  • The continuation of high aspirations at all stages and equality of opportunity for all irrespective of gender or background
  • Access to information and guidance on personal finance issues
  • Opportunities to develop STEM skills for local and further afield employment opportunities
  • A high-quality work experience and industry interaction programme
  • Opportunities to develop personal skills such as determination, resilience, confidence, goal setting and communication
  • An assigned member of the governing body to take a strategic interest in careers education
  • Opportunities to develop enterprise skills including managing risk, decision making, team building, problem solving, being innovative, being creative, financial awareness and economic understanding (taxation, interest rates, exchange rates, and inflation for example).
  • Subject provision and enrichment to ensure students can relate learning in school to their future development and job prospects
  • In a nutshell, a programme which uses and offers data, advises on all progression routes, focuses on each and every student and is driven by strong leadership.

The NGHS Careers Strategy is reviewed at least annually. The document is a working document with regular in-house reviews. The governor responsible for Careers Education/Strategy is Mr T Brown.