Retirement Announcement

9 January 2017

Dear Parents and Friends of Newport Girls’ High School

Happy New Year to you all.

The building works are progressing as planned with the groundworks and diversion of the existing services (gas, electric and water) taking place. We need to be patient whilst all of the foundation work is completed as we will not be able to see a great deal until the structure starts to go up.

The building is due for completion on 8th September at which point the sixth form will be able to move in and classroom will be prepared for teaching. As my growth plan for the school will then be complete, I have decided I will be retiring at the end of the summer.

I feel very privileged to have worked at such an outstanding school with such dedicated and caring staff and with a student body who uphold the school ethos and values of respect and equality, friendship and making a positive contribution.

Thank you for your support during my time here. It is the partnership between the staff, pupils and parents that makes the school what it is and this should be protected and fostered.

Kind regards

Ros Garner

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